ENgrid - Engaging Networks Template Framework

Supercharge your Engaging Networks page templates. ENgrid supports a wide variety of features that are not available natively in EN.

export default {
strategy: 'predictive',
engine: {
cpus: 12,
backups: ['./storage/cache.wtf'],


Getting started

Thank you for choosing 4Site ENgrid

ENgrid is our battle-tested framework for supercharging Engaging Networks page templates. It supports a wide variety of designs and functionality that are not available natively in EN. Best of all, it’s free for you to download, use, and extend.

Account Build out

Client theme dependent on 4Site's Page Template Framework (ENgrid)

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We build websites for nonprofits and foundations of all sizes on open source platforms like Drupal and WordPress and integrate them with third-party eCRMs and social media platforms.

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We provide strategy, design, development and content production services to support mission-critical campaigns.

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Our production team records and webcasts events every week in Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Virginia. After the event, we re-purpose your content, providing social media images, short highlight clips, and customized videos for you and your partners to distribute.

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Introduction to ENgrid Technical Documentation

Welcome to the ENgrid Training Walkthrough and Documentation. This comprehensive guide is designed to familiarize you with ENgrid, and customize your Engaging Network's Forms.

This guide will take you through the essential steps and best practices to leverage ENgrid effectively.

Quick Steps for ENgrid Technical Documentation

Setting Up a Local Environment

Begin with the right tools - obtain your ENgrid template from GitHub and set up your development environment with Node.js and a preferred IDE.

  • Obtain your ENgrid template code (available on your Github repository).
  • Install Node.js (latest LTS version).
  • Choose an IDE or text editor like VSCode with Prettier support for code formatting.
  • Use a method to locally serve your ENgrid assets, such as Laravel Valet or Herd​.

Familiarizing Yourself With ENgrid

  • Understand the functionalities and features of ENgrid for efficient usage and customization​.

Working on Your ENgrid Theme Code

Personalize your theme with SCSS or JS adjustments, and tweak component functionality as needed.

  • Customize your theme by making changes to the SCSS or JS files.
  • Find SCSS code in the /src/sass/page-template-styles.scss file.
  • Add JavaScript customizations in the /src/scripts/main.js file.
  • Modify options for component functionality in the /src/index.ts entry point.

Previewing Your Changes

Easily preview local or remote changes to ensure everything looks perfect.

  • To preview local changes, add ?assets=local to your URL.
  • For remote changes, push a Git branch with your changes to Github and use
    ?assets=your-branch-name to load assets.

Building and Deploying Production Files

Compile, test, and deploy your customizations for an enhanced user experience.

  • Compile final assets with npm run build.
  • Upload engrid.min.css and engrid.min.js from the /dist folder to Engaging Networks.
  • Overwrite existing assets and thoroughly test your changes.
  • Use ?assets=flush for cache-busting to preview the changes on Engaging Networks​.