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Donation Receipt Management with ENgrid and Page Builder

Managing Fundraising Receipts

Pages > Components > Tickets & Receipts


There are seven types of receipts you can create. but OC only makes use of

  • Original Receipt - For when someone makes a gift. More information here
  • Replacement Receipt - A replacement of an Original Receipt. More information here under the “Issuing a replacement receipt” heading.
  • Split Receipt - When only one portion of the donation is eligible for a receipt. More information here.
  • Annual Receipt - Generating a list of transactions over a date range. These receipts can only be generated using the “Year End Receipting” batch process. More information here.

Documentation: https://support.engagingnetworks.net/fundraising-receipt

Go to Pages > Manage Pages and edit the campaign (donation) page you want to add the receipt to. On the right-hand toolbar, click on Auto-responders and then Thank you email. If you haven't created a thank you email yet, you can create a new thank you email now. You can select the receipt from the dropdown. You can insert a link to this receipt in the email body with the WYSIWYG editor. Receipts sent in this way can be resent.

Screencast of inserting a receipt link: https://d.pr/v/RNaK4V

Adding custom receipts scenarios (e.g. Recurring, Amount, Country, etc..)

While in the "Thank you email" auto-responder pop-up click the green "+" tab to add custom receipting scenarios.

Screencast of adding custom receipt scenarios https://d.pr/v/VcgTth

Receipts with Premiums (Split Receipts)

For receipts that take into account tax differences for donations that get premiums, use split receipts.

Premium Scenario

If a gift of $50 is made, and a $15 tshirt premium is received. The following values can be used:

  • Donation: $50
  • Value Advantage: $15
  • Eligible Gift Amount: $35

We can present these values in any way we desire. For example:

Donation: $50
Tax Deductible Contribution: $35

Your Tax Deductible Contribution is calculated as your donation less any premium gift received.

  • Premium Gifts Received: $15

Example PDF "Split Receipt" (not related to above scenario): https://d.pr/i/4C3KjE

Re-sending a "Regular" receipt

Go to Data & Reports > Look up Supporter and search for your supporter in question. View their profile. From the “Single Donation” gadget you can reissue a copy of an original receipt, issue a replacement receipt, refund a donation, or change the tax status.

Click to expand the transaction and select “Replacement Receipt”. From the expanded area that appears choose the template for the Receipt from the “Replacement receipt:” dropdown. Then enter a sender email. Then you can ignore or choose a “Select Template:” option which just helps pre-populate email copy that prefecases the attached receipt.

Screencast of resending a receipt: https://d.pr/v/ucWHNB

Received email for "Replacement Receipt": https://d.pr/i/b0dCkk

Recurring Gift Recepting

Note an option. According to EN support

We don't issue receipts for recurring donations because they are one part gift of a whole.

Resending a "Premium Gift" receipt

Same as a regular receipt but now you can resend the "Original receipt" along with a "Replacement receipt"

Screenshot of options: https://d.pr/i/AJIzCc

Replacement Receipt vs Original Receipt

A “Replacement Receipt” is similar to an original receipt but will create a new receipt ID when generated.

Sending Annual Receipts

Annual Receipting is done manually and in "Batches". Following the instructions listed on the documentation: https://support.engagingnetworks.net/annual-receipting

NOTE: There is no way to "Test" annual receipting

Receipt for notification email

Account settings > Account Preferences > Attach receipt for notification email (checkbox).

If this checkbox is ticked, we will also attach a copy of the receipt to your internal notification email for each successful transaction.

To Be Documented v

  • Split receipting copy / layout
  • Copy that goes in email when resending a receipt
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