ENgrid Deep Dive

Embedded Ecard

Using ENgrid, you can embed an eCard page seamlessly into another ENgrid page, such as your donation page. This allows your supporters to send an eCard along with their donation all within the same page.

Preparing an eCard page to be embedded

Any eCard page using ENgrid can be embedded into another ENgrid page. However, there are a couple things to note about form fields on the page and you may want to add some extra custom styles to the eCard page to make it look optimal when embedded.

For form fields:

  1. You must have an email address field on the eCard page.
  2. You must not have any form fields (except the ecard block) that don't also exist on the parent page.
  3. You must have a submit button on the eCard page.

For custom styling:

  1. By default ENgrid will hide all ENgrid sections except body-main and hide all sections within body-main except the eCard block - this will give you the cleanest look for the embedded eCard form.
  2. Double check how the embedded form looks to see if you need any more custom styling. In most cases you should not, but depending on your client theme you may need to add some extra styles.

Embedding an eCard page

On your parent page, in the custom code section, add a code block with the following content:

  window.EngridEmbeddedEcard = {
    pageUrl: "", // Put the full URL of the eCard page here

Now reload your page and you should see a checkbox that, when selected, will display the eCard form.

There are some additional options for this code block that can be used to adjust the position of the checkbox and its copy:

  window.EngridEmbeddedEcard = {
    pageUrl: "", // The full URL of the eCard page
    headerText: "Send an Ecard notification of your gift", // The header text for the eCard section
    checkboxText: "Yes, I would like to send an ecard to announce my gift.", // The text next to the checkbox
    anchor: ".en__field--donationAmt", // The CSS selector for the element which we want to place the eCard section relative to
    placement: "afterend", // The placement of the eCard section relative to the anchor element: beforebegin, afterbegin, beforeend, afterend

On your thank you page

On the thank you page, you can use the custom class showif-embedded-ecard-sent to add some content that will only be visible if the eCard was sent. For example, a reminder for the supporter to check their emails and click the confirmation link.

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