Core concepts

Visualizations, Naming Conventions, and Real-World Examples


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Visualization with labled grid sections

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Naming Patterns

  • Page Column pc or page- - The full width of the page.
  • Content Column cc or content- - The maximum width in which content is displayed, excluding edge to edge content (e.g Background Image).
  • Body Column bc or body- - Sits inside the content column, but can be positioned horizontally anywhere.

Example Pages

Demo ItemExample Form
Signup page
Donate page
Donate w/ in-honor
Email to Target Page
Tweet to Target Pages
Event Pages
Supporter Hub (Not tested)
Unsubscribe Pages
Data Capture Pages
One-Click Donate(unable to be linked to)
Peer to Peer Pages(Not supported)
eCard page
Static page
Developing with ENgrid