ENgrid Deep Dive

Cookies and Session Storage


  • engrid-autofill - Used by ENgrid's RememberMe component ( when enabled ). Stores autofill data on the configured remote URL.
  • engrid-state-supporter.region - Contains the supporters states/region for repopulating after server-side errors.

Session Storage

  • engrid-transaction-recurring-frequency - Contains the frequency of a completed gift (one-off, monthly, etc)
  • ENGRID_END_OF_GIFT_PROCESS_EVENTS - Used by the Upsell Lightbox component. An array of events to push to dataLayer after a donation is completed; for example on the donation thank you page.
  • original - Used by the Upsell Lightbox component: Contains the original donation amount value when the upsell lightbox is used.
  • engrid_debug_panel - Used by the Debug Panel component. Used to persist if the debug panel is active across page views.

Client Specific Storage

  • (WWF only) engrid-ttt-data - Contains tweet-to-target data for custom TTT functionality. Remembers the targets a user has already tweeted.
Integrating GTM